Messed up Police Force Pepper-sprays Students

22 Nov

During a protest at UC, Davis, students were peppersprayed unjustly by an officer. Though he was the only one doing so, the other officers didn’t stop him.
My opinion the entire force is at fault.
I’m horrified and almost speachless at the injustice i witnessed in a couple of videos i watched on the actions the University Police Force took.
I sincerely hope that the students who were sprayed are or will be okay. Especially those who were forced to open their mouths and sprayed down the throat.


Occupy Wall Street Just Got a Bonus

19 Nov

It’s very apparent that the major media players are downplaying and marginalizing the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protests.  They can’t very well ignore them, since they are appearing in every major city and then some, but they do what they can to make them look weak, ineffectual, and hypocritical in hopes that more people won’t join in and the whole thing will just blow over.

I don’t see this happening, given that the efforts to disburse the protesters continue to reflect badly on the official establishment.  The official establishment should have learned by now that there is no good way to forcibly remove the protesters; however, they are, apparently, slow learners.  Nina Mandell, of The New York Daily News provides a video of the latest attempts to disband a protest group.  Even though the officers did their due diligence in warning the protesters that they would pepper spray the protesters, it still doesn’t make them look good. Nor do those who ordered the peaceful protests disbanded look any better.

On top of all that we had a bone tossed into the fray in the form of an article by Joe Weisenthal of Business Insider. Clusterstock has just published a leaked Memo from a D.C. lobbying firm.  The memo makes it very clear that the Occupy Wall Street protesters and the Tea Party movements do have joint interests.  They both have issues with the banks.

The sooner these two groups learn to communicate With each other and not Against each other, the sooner something positive will happen for us all.  There are some very concrete things that could be agreed upon by both sides, and then these specific items could be sent more particularly to everyone’s respective Congressional Representatives and Senators. There would be no excuse for not taking action if both sides are in agreement on the same things.


Why Paparazzi Need to Leave Celebrities Alone

7 Nov

I was listening to Paramore’s song ‘Cruchcrushcrush’ today when i started talking to my mom about why the she wrote it. I believe the first verse of the song goes out to the paparazzi and how they seem so interested in a girl who’s just like everybody else.

The paparazzi tend to pay attention to the celebrities because they’re nosy and they like to spout what they think are facts. The thing is they need to just leave people alone. Celebrities are just like everybody else. They make the same mistakes that we not so famous humans make everyday.

For example: I hear tell that Justin Bieber got Selena Gomez ‘knocked up’ but the thing is they’re adults now that’s their problem and it’s their choice. Leave it alone! Even if they were kids,… How many teens out there have been ‘knocked up’? How many teens have to make the choice of keep or abort? It’s the same only your parents are more likely to kick your butt when you’re a teen.

The point is, though celebrities are what we like to think of as ‘better than me’ and ‘perfect’, they’re just like everybody else on this planet so the paparazzi need to butt out!

And we need to stop paying attention to things we don’t know anything about. If you want to know about something find out from the real person not someone that’s made an interpretation or inference or has been told somewhere down the line. Get it straight from the horses mouth. Not it’s friend or whatever.

To be honest this is good advice when it comes to everybody, not just celebrities. It’ll definitely keep you out of trouble and cause a lot less drama.

Hello world!

7 Nov

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